Thursday, February 7, 2013

You Called My Name - A Poem

For today's post, it has been laid upon my heart to post one of my many poem's that I've written over the years. The little niggling in the back of my mind and in my spirit to do so wouldn't go away. When I finally succumbed to the "still small voice" it went away and I knew that I was doing the Lord's Will! Maybe I was fighting what I heard the Lord ask me to do, but in the end He won as He always does when I'm being asked to do something out of my comfort zone. I pray that each of you who read it will be touched by the Lord and that your spirit will be spoken to! Enjoy!

Isaiah 43:1

You Called My Name

You brought me from the darkness,
You filled me with Your Light!
My eyes were being blinded,
You gave me new eyesight
The demons kept on calling
And each time I'd call to You,
You promised they would flee me
In Your name, they know you too.
I was seeking something worldly,
Though I knew it wouldn't last.
The emptiness engulfed me
From rejection, in my past
You called my name so softly,
I heard You loud and clear.
I asked You what you wanted,
You whispered, “Child, draw near!”
I felt Your warmth flow through me,
Yet I couldn't understand.
You said, “Child, only trust Me”
As You held me in Your Hands.
The day I heard You beckon,
In an urgent voice, I heard,
“Draw near, and you shall know Me,
Fill your hunger with My Word.”
I cried out for forgiveness!
I died to self to be reborn!
And by His sacrificial stripes 
His Grace I've proudly worn!

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